Isaiah Thomas Downplays Celtics’ ‘Funeral’ Attire: ‘I Wear Black All The Time’ (VIDEO)

Isaiah Thomas1

Just hours before the start of Game 6 against the Washington Wizards on Friday night, every single player on the Boston Celtics roster showed up to the game wearing all black in preparation for a Wizards funeral.

As luck would have it, Wizards star John Wall would put the nail in the coffin for the Celtics as he hit a dagger-three in the final seconds to send the second-round series to a final 7th game.

Following the game, Isaiah Thomas downplayed the wearing of the black suits as it clearly backfired.

“Second thoughts? No, I wear black all the time,” Thomas said. “I’m the first one in this gym, too, so I didn’t see nobody else wearing black.”


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