Phil Jackson Says He Wants Success For Melo, Just Not With The Knicks


What started as a great relationship is ending on a very sour note as Phil Jackson and Carmelo Anthony continue to feud with each other.

On Friday, the Zen master and Knicks president made it clear once again of the franchises’ desire to seek a trade partner in hopes of unloading star Carmelo Anthony.

“He has a no-trade contract,” Jackson said at the NBA’s predraft combine in Chicago, per’s Nick Friedell. “I think I expressed what I felt. I can’t express it any better. I thought it was well-said, even though a lot of you didn’t feel quite that way. But we’d like him to have success, the opportunity is narrowing. We’d just like him to have success somewhere. We’re not going to be there. Hopefully we’ll be maybe a playoff team next year. It would be tough to consider us a possible champion.”

Back in April, Jackson first made it apparent that the team is not able to win with Carmelo on the floor and he needed to be somewhere else…and soon.

“We’ve not been able to win with (Anthony) on the court at this time,” Jackson said. “I think the direction with our team is that he’s a player that would be better off somewhere else and using his talent somewhere where he can win or chase that championship.”

Right now we need players who are really active can play every single play both offensively and defensively. We have some players right now who can do that and that’s the direction where we need to go.

Anthony is scheduled to earn $26.2 million next season.

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