Carmelo Anthony and Estranged Wife La La Got Together for Mother’s Day Lunch

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 8.47.26 AM
Things are a little rough for Carmelo Anthony, apparently refusing to leave a team that doesn’t want him all after learning a few months ago that his wife is seeking a divorce. Nonetheless, the two put their differences aside on Mother’s Day to take their son, 10-year-old Kiyan, out for a sushi lunch in the Village.

It suggests that the two aren’t at each other’s throats, which is blessing for both them and the kid.

That said, they didn’t appear to be too jovial according to this TMZ video, so maybe we’ll stop short of predicting a reconciliation:

Man, it sure would suck to have to go through this while being hounded by photographers, wouldn’t it?

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