J.R. Smith & Wife Buy Flowers for NICU Moms on Mother’s Day


Over the last few months, J.R. Smith and his wife have experienced awesome moments their daughter Dakota, who was born almost 5 months early and weighed only 1 pound at the time,  had her breathing tubes removed and was breathing on her own and made another huge stride  the following moth and had her very first bottle.

On Mother’s day, the happy couple wanted to spread the happiness to the mother’s who were going through the same thing they were by buying flowers for all the moms in the NICU ward at the Cleveland Hospital where the daughter is being treated.

“The Cavs star’s daughter, Kota, is still battling like a champ at the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) … where she was born roughly 5 months premature. 

In an effort to brighten up the day for the other moms with babies in the NICU, Shirley and J.R. decided to bust out the credit card and pay for a massive flower delivery. 

“When the flowers arrived I pushed the cart and [her older daughter, Demi]  placed an arrangement of flowers in every room.” Shirley says … “It was super special and we both enjoyed it.”

As for Kota, Shirley says J.R. arrived to the hospital after Cavs practice and the baby took a nap “in her favorite spot” … dad’s chest.”

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