Kawhi Leonard Is Pretty Sure Zaza Pachulia Wasn’t Trying to Injure Him (TWEET)

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Things went south REAL quick for the Spurs in game 1 of their series against the Warriors once Kawhi Leonard was sidelined with an ankle injury in the second half.

Many think that Warrior Zaza Pachulia intentionally got under Leonard to hurt him on this play:

It looks a little sketchy, no doubt, but Kawhi himself is giving Zaza a pass, saying that he didn’t think the act was intentional.

Here are Kawhi’s thoughts following the game:

If he’s not going to make a big deal about it, neither should the rest of us. Here are Zaza’s comments to the people who call him out on the play:

Case closed. Here’s to hoping for a speedy recovery and a good series.

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