LaVar Ball Says He’s Using ‘The Kardashian Playbook’ To Get Big Baller Brand Buzzing


At this point, it doesn’t even matter whether you love or hate LaVar Ball, his hot takes have become an all too familiar staple of who he is.  And he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, especially if his son Lonzo Ball becomes a star in the league.

A little over a week ago, Big Baller Brand unveiled The ‘ZO2’ – Lonzo’s signature shoes that he’ll be wearing during his rookie campaign since NIKE, Adidas, and Under Armour all passed on signing him to an endorsement deal.

He’s the first player of his kind to enter the league with his own personal shoe brand, and he’s also expected to go somewhere in the top 3 at the upcoming NBA Draft.

His father, LaVar Ball, may be known more than him because of his mouth that never stops, but he plans on making ‘Big Baller Brand’ into a cash cow that will rival all the companies that passed on signing his son.

These over-the-top methods LaVar is using are done purposely as he’s trying to recreate what the Kardashian family did in order to grow an empire.


“Just wait for the reaction once he starts talking about the documentary and commercials he says his Big Baller Media group is producing, or the sports agency, the Ball Sports Group, that represents Lonzo.

It’s straight out of the Kardashian playbook, authored by momager extraordinaire Kris Jenner, who recognized early on that no matter how outrageous celebrities might act, people will pay even more outrageous prices to wear, sniff and watch them.

“When you’re exclusive, that’s when folks are like, ‘I have to have that s—,’” LaVar explains. “People are like, ‘I don’t like that LaVar Ball, but I gotta get that Triple-Bs stuff.’”

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