Pats Fans Busted Out a ‘Fire Goodell’ Chant during the The Players Championship Golf Tourney (Video)

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 8.23.46 AM
There is literally no scenario too inappropriate for New Englanders to break out into either a “Yankess suck” or “Fire Goodell” chant. Over the weekend, a crew of Boston faithful chanted the latter over and over for reasons that aren’t immediately clear. Goodell wasn’t in attendance, nor were any Patriots. It took place in Florida, which is about 1600 miles away from Boston.

Nonetheless, it went down like this:

I mean, who were they even chanting to? Wouldn’t it take a vote of the 32 owners to get Goodell fired?

Anyway, you have to admire their tenacity if not their pragmatism.

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