Curt Schilling: Adam Jones Has an Agenda With His ‘Fake Hate Crime’ He Created

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During an interview with Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports, Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones responded to Curt Schilling, who said he didn’t believe him about hearing the n-word at Fenway.  Jones said, “he’s never experienced what I have,” and added that Schilling has “never been black, and he’s never played the outfield in Boston.”

It took less than 24 hours for Schilling to respond, and oh boy…did he ever.

“If he wants to maintain the lie he made here, that’s fine. No one denies racism exists, but when people like him lie about an incident and others just take him at his word, it perpetuates a mythical level of racism,” Schilling said through text, according to Alex Reimer of WEEI.

“And for some reason, it appears blacks believe only blacks can talk about racism and only whites can be racists. I promise you if some scumbag yelled the N-word at Adam Jones in Fenway, it would have been on Twitter, Facebook and every other social media site asap, like every other ‘incident.’ Not to mention the liberal Boston media would have broken its neck to identify the racist. But just taking him at his word means there are a bunch of white cowards and racists living here, because no one stood up to the guy.

“Adam has an agenda and one needs to only look at his past commentary on race and racism to see it. But see, when you question fake hate crimes in this day and age it somehow makes you a racist. If you use this use every word or none at all.”

Following the incident, Jones received a standing ovation in his first at-bat at Fenway (mixed with a couple of boos). He was also offered support by Red Sox player Mookie Betts, Red Sox manager John Farrell, and team owner John Henry, who met with Jones afterward.

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