New Orleans Cyclist Gets Hit By Stray Bullet from Nearby Shooting (VIDEO)

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A cyclist just minding his business and riding his bike in New Orleans with friends was suddenly hit with something that made him pull over and exit off his bike immediately.

“Christopher Weiss was riding with the Semi Tough cycling club in New Orleans when he felt a pain on the left part of his lower back.

Weiss reaches for his wound before buckling over his bike in agony, the one minute 39 second video shot by fellow rider Reid Case shows.

He is heard panting heavily as he tells the other cyclists who have stopped to help that ‘he doesn’t know what’ struck him.

‘There’s definitely a piece of glass or something in there,’ one rider says a female cyclist inspects the wound.

She goes on: ‘It looks like a puncture. I don’t feel anything in it and it’s not bleeding much.’

The woman then removes her Lycra arm warmers to compress the wound. The footage ends with Weiss tentatively getting back on his seat.

Officials initially thought he was shot by a BB gun before later saying it was a stray bullet from a nearby shooting, the Mirror reported.”

Weiss was transported to a local hospital to be treated for soft tissue damage and ‘leg mobility issues’ but he is expected to make a full recovery.

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