Rowdy Penguins Fan Fights With Officers & Gets Tazed For His Troubles; Reportedly Chokes Female Cop (VIDEO)


I will never understand why people spend hundreds of dollars just to get kicked out of an event for being stupid.

During Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals, a Pittsburgh Penguins fan got a little too intoxicated and thought he was Superman, so he started to fight police officers who were trying to remove him from the arena.  Bad move.

He was forcibly grabbed, thrown to the ground, and tazed as they moved him towards the elevators. The story doesn’t end there.

From WTAE:

“According to a criminal complaint, when an officer approached Miller he allegedly said “I’m not leaving. I paid too much for the seat.”Police said Miller continued to refuse to leave and, when an officer pulled a Taser out, Miller began to mock him and asked his girlfriend to start recording video.

The officer then grabbed Miller by the jersey and escorted him to the concourse but they say he continued to resist and tried to break free. Police were finally able to get Miller to an elevator and began to try to get him handcuffed and that’s when he allegedly attacked one of the officers, pinning her to the corner of the elevator and choking her.”

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