Spurs Dejounte Murray Explains That Godawful Tattoo He’s Sporting (PIC)

murray (1)
On Sunday, the Spurs and Warriors faced off in what many hope will be the best series of the playoffs so far. However, the competition was actually a bit upstaged by Spurs guard Dejounte Murray’s tattoo.

He was rocking a tat that looked something like a laughing troll face you’d see on memes about three years ago.

You can see it above. It’s…dumb.

While many took to Twitter offering that assessment, Dejounte Murray offered up a really simple, and slightly painful, defense of the tattoo. 

There you have it. He got it because he’s a real tough guy. I’m not sure anyone believes him, but if HE believes it, then I guess it was a good choice.

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