Troubled Browns WR Josh Gordon Is Reportedly In ‘Desperate’ Financial Trouble’

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Wide Receiver Josh Gordon has made upwards of $4.2 million since entering the league in 2012, but he hasn’t seen the field since the 2014 season.  Now, he is reportedly in a “desperate financial situation” as he has no money coming in.

Via TMZ Sports

“Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon is reportedly in dire financial straights and desperately hunting for a new agent who will float him some cash until he gets reinstated … if that ever happens.

The insanely talented wideout hasn’t played a snap in the NFL since 2014 — and even then his season was cut short due to a substance abuse police violation.
He was hoping to get reinstated last week — but the NFL rejected his application and he won’t get to apply again until September.

Meantime, he’s running low on that NFL dough, so says Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole who described Gordon’s money issues as a “desperate financial situation.”
Cole also notes that Gordon was fired by his agent, Joby Branion, and is hoping to sign with a new agent (one with a bankroll) in the hopes of getting a cash advance.”

Last week, Gordon applied for reinstatement from his indefinite ban on March 1 after completing a stint in rehab for weed, but the league ultimately denied his reinstatement petition. He can try again in the fall and if he’s reinstated in September, he’s due to make $1,068,406 in the final year of his rookie contract.

Gordon turned 26 this past April and hasn’t played in a regular season game since a 5-game stint back in 2014.

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