Urologist Explains Why Antonio Cromartie Keeps Making Babies Even After Having Vasectomy

Urologists Explain Antonio Cromartie Babies

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On Monday it was reported that the wife of NFL veteran Antonio Cromartie is pregnant with either his 13th or his 14th child.

I say either his 13th or 14th because the guy has so many kids that media outlets can’t keep track. TMZ says it’s baby number 14. The Washington Post says she’s pregnant with baby number 13.

Whether it’s 13 or 14, though, the million dollar question remains the same: how is this possible?

Cromartie had a vasectomy in 2015 but still managed to get his wife pregnant with twins last January. Now he’s gotten her pregnant again. And what every man who’s ever had or is thinking about getting a vasectomy wants to know is how.

Fortunately, Charlies Curtis of For the Win got in touch with the American Urological Association and got some answers.

As it turns out, you’re supposed to go in for a follow-up appointment several months getting a vasectomy to confirm that your sperm count is zero. The reason you wait several months is that you might still have some active sperm in your system, on the other side of the blocked or tied-off passageways, and it may take a few months for them to get out.

We don’t know if Cromartie went in for his follow-up test, but according Dr. Ajay Nangia of the University of Kansas, “the fact that he had one kid after his vasectomy should have been a red flag” that the vasectomy was not 100% effective.

That said, even if a follow-up test confirms a sperm count of zero, meaning the vasectomy is considered effective, there is still a 1 in 2,000 chance of pregnancy thanks to something called “recanalization.”

Let me put that in big bold caps so you never forget: RECANALIZATION. This is when new holes and opening form in the blocked or tied-off passageways, allowing sperm to flow through again. Because apparently Jeff Goldblum was right…

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