Browns’ Caleb Brantley’s Battery Charge Dismissed; Witnesses Say Woman Punched Him For Not Having Sex With Her

East Carolina v Florida

Former Florida Gators defensive lineman Caleb Brantley is both happy and upset today after the State Attorney’s Office dismissed a battery complaint against the Cleveland Browns rookie. Before this incident, he was projected to be a 1st-round pick, but slid all the way into the sixth round because of the false allegations.

Here is what really happened:

“The State Attorney’s Office has dismissed a battery complaint against Cleveland Browns rookie and former Florida Gators defensive lineman Caleb Brantley, according to court records.

The argument began after Brantley denied a request for a sexual encounter with woman in Gainesville.

The first Gainesville Police Department listed Brantley as the victim and said a UF student, Chelsea Austin, punched him. He then pushed her out of his face.

A security guard said in a sworn affidavit that Austin punched Brantley, who then pushed her away, without causing her to fall to the ground. His legal team, Gainesville’s Johnson and Osteryoung, said Brantley was, and is, the victim.”

The woman in question has not been charged and probably won’t be.  And now Brantley has to deal with losing millions of dollars because of her false accusations.

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