Devonta Freeman HILARIOUSLY Responds To All The Twitter Reminders of Falcons’ Super Bowl Choke (Video)

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Welp, it’s been a few months now, but it doesn’t seem like people are really ready to let the Falcons live down their historic Super Bowl loss just yet. In fact, as Devonta Freeman shares in this hilarious video, people have developed quite a shorthand for letting him know that his team dropped the biggest game in franchise history.

Here he is discussing it:

For those of you who can’t watch videos…

“My social media, people say negative stuff about me. I don’t say nothing like, especially that thing they always say. What? ’28-3 LLLLL’ if you go down my comments … I’m like, ‘All right, whatever.’ I don’t control that type of stuff.”

He’s right. He can’t. And his plea didn’t do anything to curb the posting, either.

screen-shot-2017-05-16-at-3-13-09-pmThey can’t seem to agree on the number of “L”s, but it’s still pretty funny.


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