Hernandez’s Alleged Prison Lover Says Aaron Promised to Give Him a $47K Watch; Fiance Responds

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The inmate who claims he and Aaron Hernandez were just friends and not prison lovers (as rumors suggested) has renewed his request to be shown a suicide note he believes his friend left behind for him.

In a statement released yesterday by his attorney, inmate Kyle Kennedy said, “I want to be clear that at no time have I seen a note addressed to me from my close friend Aaron Hernandez but I have reason to believe it was in fact intended for me.

“It was the press that first reported that this letter was sent to me and as a result, my attorney, Larry Army Jr., has repeatedly requested a copy for us to review,” Kennedy said.

“The story about who this letter was sent to has changed several times but based upon the close relationship that I had with Aaron, it is highly likely that it was in fact intended for me. I again renew my request to have the letter released to my attorney so we can put this issue to rest.”

Army held a press conference last month at which he said Kennedy told him that Hernandez, 27, had promised to give him a $47,000 watch he had custom-made in Las Vegas.

Kennedy said in yesterday’s statement he was done talking about the alleged gift and the nature of his relationship with Aaron Hernandez “at this time.”

Kennedy then spoke on the constant rumors of his relationship with the former New England Patriots TE and when he planned on addressing all the rumors.

“There has been a lot said about me and my personal life in recent weeks, some of it accurate and some of it not,” Kennedy said. “I remain incarcerated at Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley but at the appropriate time, I will address these issues and set the record straight.”

Hernandez’s fiancee Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez then spoke with Yahoo and addressed the three letters left behind, including the one that was rumored to be for Kennedy.

“Hernandez had written to Kennedy’s family and allegedly said that a $50,000 watch Hernandez had bought in Vegas was intended for Kennedy.

Jenkins-Hernandez dismissed much of that information. The three suicide letters, she said, were addressed to her, to their daughter, and to Hernandez’s defense team, not to Kennedy.

“There’s nothing for Kyle Kennedy,” she said. “It’s nonexistent.”


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