Predator Fans Trolled the Anaheim Ducks in a Very Graphic, Savage Fashion (Video)

I guess when the precedent is set by throwing a dead octopus on the ice, fans feel that they’ve got a lot of leeway in what else they chuck out onto a hockey rink. Predators fans may have just raised the bar to a new height in game 3 of their series by tossing a dead, defeathered duck onto the ice to, uh, intimidate the Ducks players, I guess.

Whatever the intention was, it was pretty awesome.

Here’s footage of a very sure-footed staff member retrieving the bird corpse from the ice because, hey, it’s not work if you love what you do:

So if Nashville fans can locate and smuggle in a large dead bird, does that mean the Ducks fans, being somewhat close to the ocean, can track down a shark to return the favor? And I’m not talking about those lame sand sharks. I mean hammerhead or better.

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