Shaq SAVAGELY Roasts Charles Barkley On Instagram… And It’s HILARIOUS! (Video)

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We’ve all seen the guys on TNT’s Inside the NBA go after each other pretty hard on-air. It’s all in good fun, but in case you were wondering if it’s an act for the cameras, it doesn’t appear so.

Shaq made a video of Chuck walking around the offices while the big man subjects Barkley to some pretty harsh stuff. To Barkley’s credit, he takes it all in stride, laughing right alongside him.

Here’s the clip. In case you were wondering if Shaq would match the chemistry of the rest of the guys, it’s pretty clear he does:

Goin at Barkley

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Just the name of the video alone, “Goin’ at Barkley,” is enough to make me laugh.

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