Derek Carr’s Frustrated the Raiders Aren’t Willing to Commit to a Long-Term Deal

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Image via Getty

With QB’s being such a rare and valuable commodity in the league these days, you’d think a valuable commodity like Derek Carr would be locked down by the Raiders, a team with an eye to the future in a new city. But…no.

Derek Carr’s wrapping up his rookie deal at the end of this season.  He’d would like to begin the 2017 campaign knowing that he’ll be a Raider for a bit longer, but the team hasn’t made upping his contract a high priority yet. With Marshawn Lynch in the mix, the Raiders could be even better than the formidable squad they fielded last year, but something’s keeping them from committing.

Is it doubts about Carr’s consistency after seeing how Brock Osweiler turned out following a glimmer of greatness? Is it injuries?

We don’t know, but if the Raiders don’t snag him soon, he may take his act on the road for another team.

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