Former Security Guard Pleads Guilty To Pleasuring Himself In Front of Stadium Full of Chargers Fans

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Last December, the Oakland Raiders were in town to face off against the San Diego Chargers when a fan in the stands spotted a disgusting act on the field. No, it wasn’t from any of the players.  It was a security guard pleasuring himself as he stared at cheerleaders on the sideline.

An investigation was opened and five months later, that man was charged and sentenced after pleading guilty to a lewd act in public.

“The man, who was fired from his job at Elite Services, voluntarily surrendered his security guard license less than two weeks after the incident.

10 News is not naming him for his own protection. A background check shows he has no previous criminal record.

He was sentenced to three years probation and counseling for what was listed on court documents as “sexual component”.

He does not have to register as a sex offender.

Team 10 spoke to the woman who posted the video on her Facebook page after claiming neither the Chargers nor Elite Security returned her calls about the incident.  After requesting anonymity, she said she hopes the court-ordered counseling will “give him the help he needs”, if not, she said, “someone will get hurt later.”

The man’s attorney told Team 10 his client won’t do an interview, even if we agreed to conceal his identity.”

There is absolutely no reason to keep his identity concealed as people need to be on the lookout for sick individuals such as him.

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