Watch NFL Players Read Their Own Critical Scouting Reports in This Awesome Compilation (Video)

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As we all know, NFL scouting is a bizarre pseudoscience that, at least when it comes to skill positions, is as wrong as often as it’s right.

Many players who went on to greatness were doubted early on, so it’s funny to see them read the critical remarks in their own scouting reports from their time as college players and NFL hopefuls.

The footage is taken from The Dan Patrick Show, which has made this a recurring bit a la “Mean Tweets.”

In the video, we get Richard Sherman, Joe Montana, and even future Hall of Famer Drew Brees reading the scouts’ questioning of their talent. It’s funny, but not as funny/awkward as it would be if we got to see guys who are now out of the league read scouting reports that are dead-on. Like Trent Richardson or JaMarcus Russell.

NOW THAT would be funny.


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