Braves Bean Jose Bautista in First At-Bat After Controversial Bat Flip (Video)

braves bean jose bautista retaliation for bat flip

The benches cleared not once but twice between the Toronto Blue Jays and Atlanta Braves on Wednesday. The first time was when Toronto center fielder Kevin Pillar yelled a homophobic slur at Atlanta pitcher Jason Motte. The second time was after Toronto slugger Jose Bautista flipped his bat and gave Atlanta pitcher Eric O’Flaherty the evil eye.

Given all that, plus the fact that the Jays beaned Braves MVP Freddie Freeman, breaking his wrist and knocking him out for 8-10 weeks, you would have thought both teams would be given warnings prior to Thursday night’s series finale.

They didn’t get warnings, though. So Braves starter Julio Teheran was like, cool, I’m going to plunk Bautista the first chance I get.

And he did. Take a look:

The Blue Jays did not retaliate. At least, they did not retaliate by hitting any Atlanta batters. They did retaliate by scoring three runs in the first inning and going on to win the game 9-0.

Hell, even Jays ace Marcus Stroman hit a home run, much to the surprise of his teammates:

I think the Braves probably would have just preferred the Jays played beanball.

Hat Tip – [theScore]

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