Paul George Sparks Rumors with Cryptic Tweet About Celtics Trading No. 1 Pick (PIC)

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Image via Getty

Indiana Pacers star Paul George sent the NBA rumor mill into overdrive on Thursday with a cryptic tweet that was quickly deleted.

George’s tweet was a response to another tweet from Bleacher Report, which linked to an article about how Paul Pierce thinks the Celtics should trade the no. 1 pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. George didn’t actually say anything. His tweet just tagged Bleacher Report.

Take a look:

paul george tweet
It’s quite possible that the tweet was a mistake—that George was scrolling through NBA news and accidentally tweeted a reply. However, that didn’t stop people from speculating that Paul George wants the Celtics to trade the no. 1 pick for him.

The Celtics were said to be interested in trading for Paul George at the deadline this season. However, Larry Bird didn’t want to trade George while they were still in playoff contention, and the Celtics were unwilling to trade the Nets draft pick before they knew its full value.

Things have changed now. Earlier this week the Celtic won the draft lottery, and on Thursday Paul George was left off the All-NBA team. That means the Pacers won’t be able to offer George a max deal next year…which means he is more likely to sign somewhere else…which means the Pacers will probably try to trade him before he leaves via free agency.

Trading the no. 1 pick for Paul George would be risky for the Celtics. It’s long been rumored that Paul George wants to join the Lakers, and he recently announced that he plans to spend the summer working out with Kobe Bryant. The last thing Boston wants is to waste the top pick in the NBA Draft for a one-year rental.

Stay tuned.

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