Paul Pierce & Von Miller Leave Nightclub After Murder Suspects Run For Cover Inside (VIDEO)

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Nothing like a murder investigation to get the blood flowing and absolutely ruin your night.

While partying inside TAO nightclub in Hollywood, recently retired NBA player Paul Pierce, Broncos LB Von Miller, and others were caught smack dab in the middle of a murder investigation after suspects ran inside the club they were in.

“Paul Pierce was literally caught in the middle of a murder investigation Thursday night — when cops saw two men running into the club where he was partying after a deadly shooting nearby.

Paul Pierce, Von Miller, Nikki MudarrisNicole Scherzinger and others were partying inside TAO nightclub in Hollywood when a shooting broke out at a nearby apartment complex. We’re told one man was shot and killed.

Cops responded — and witnessed two men running from the scene … and right into the club.

We’re told officers found the men immediately, detained them — and no one else was harmed.

But outside the club, Paul had a minor issue — his car was trapped inside the taped-off police crime scene zone. We’re told Paul left and returned later to pick up his whip.”

The murder investigation is still ongoing.

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