Ryan Fitzpatrick, Who Threw as Many Interceptions in 2 Weeks as Colin Kaepernick Has in 2 Years, Gets Job

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced Friday that they have signed Ryan Fitzpatrick as a backup to quarterback Jameis Winston after Mike Glennon took his services to the Chicago Bears this offseason. The other three quarterbacks on their roster — Ryan Griffin, Sean Renfree and rookie Sefo Liufau — have thrown a combined seven NFL passes, all of them by Renfree in 2015.


Fitzpatrick threw 12 touchdowns and 17 interceptions last year with 9 of those picks coming over a two-week stretch early in the season. (Six against Kansas City and three against Seattle.)

Colin Kaepernick, who has yet to hear from a single team in the league about his availability, has thrown 9 total interceptions over the past two years while playing in 21 games.  And he has just 19 total interceptions in his last three seasons.

Let’s continue to pretend this isn’t about the National Anthem protest last year.

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