Tim Tebow’s Errant Warmup Throw Hit A Fan Square In The Nuts: ‘It Was A Direct Hit’


During Tuesday night’s outing against the Lakewood Blue Claws, Tim Tebow brought a whole new meaning to the term ‘play ball’.

The former NFL QB spent his playing days on the gridiron delivering errant throws, and he brought those same mechanics to the Mets’ Single-A team, the Columbia Fireflies, when he threw a baseball that accidentally hit a New Jersey man right in the family jewels.

“They were warming up and throwing in front us, and I wasn’t paying attention,” said Doug Brustman, who brought his 13-year-old daughter to see her idol play.

“I hear this guy behind me yell, ‘Watch out,'” said Doug Brustman, the unlucky victim. “And as he’s yelling, the ball comes right through the railing and hits me right in the nuts. It was a direct hit. …

“It was literally like a Seinfeld episode. The guy behind me shouts, ‘It was TEBOW.’ It reminded me of his days with the (New York) Jets when he couldn’t complete a pass. This guy is so inaccurate, even with a baseball.”

Tebow then tried to make amends by signing the errant baseball, plus two of Tebow’s books that Brustman’s daughter brought to the game.

“He didn’t have to come over. How can you hate him?” Brustman asked. “He’s almost too good to be true.”

“It is really funny, except that it hurts.”

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