Tom Brady’s Going to Design a Limited Edition Aston Martin (PIC)

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 9.30.38 AM
Tom Brady sure has been grabbing his share of headlines this offseason. Thankfully, they’re not all concussion or stolen-jersey-related. The NFL icon will be partnering up with Aston Martin to design 12 limited edition Aston Martin DB11s as the car maker gears up for the subsequent release of the DB12.

It didn’t take long to realize a funny coincidence – DB11 contains the initials and jersey number of Drew Bledsoe, another obsolete model that Brady, who wears jersey number 12, helped usher out in favor of a sportier model. 

Details remain sparse at the moment, but there has to be 12 New Englanders who will shell out $300,000 just for the novelty of a Tom Brady luxury car.

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