United Airlines Buys Naming Rights for L.A. Coliseum, Which Twitter Thinks Is HILARIOUS (Tweets)

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United Airlines will pay $70 million over 15 years for the naming rights to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, according to a report by Sports Business Daily.

While the stadium is owned by the City of Los Angeles and the State of California, USC holds a 98-year lease and is responsible for all upkeep, and they, along with partners Fox Sports, are the ones who negotiated the deal. It’s believed the fact that United CEO Oscar Munoz is a graduate of USC played a role in sealing the deal, which is the richest in college football.

At this point we don’t know what the new name of the Coliseum will be. It could be the United Coliseum, or the United Airlines Los Angeles Coliseum, or even something like United Airlines Field at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

Whatever the name, the deal comes at a pretty terrible time. It’s been less than two months since United Airlines had police drag a passenger off one of their planes and rough him up in the terminal. Now everyone is just going to make jokes about this every time the USC Trojans or (until 2020) Los Angeles Rams take the field.

Just take a look at the reaction to the news on Twitter:

Yeah, no, great PR move by all parties.

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