Kevin Durant To Fans Complaining About Lopsided Playoffs: ‘If You Don’t Like it, Don’t Watch It’ (VIDEO)

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The 2017 NBA playoffs may go down as one of the worst and least competitive playoffs of all time.

The Golden State Warriors have yet to be challenged, and when they were, the Spurs’ best player went down with an injury and the series went with him. In the East, the Cleveland Cavaliers are going through the exact same thing as they have yet to be challenged.  At the moment, they are completely manhandling a Boston Celtics team that has to deal with them for at least 2 more games without star guard Isaiah Thomas.

After the Warriors took a commanding 3-0 series lead against the San Antonio Spurs Saturday night, Kevin Durant was asked about his thoughts on how the Conference Finals haven’t been competitive. KD proceeded to address all the fans complaining about the lopsided scores.

“…If you don’t like it, don’t watch it”


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