Khloe Willing to Buy Her Own Ring, Pay For Wedding If Tristan Marries Her; Cavs Warning Him Against It


Everything was seemingly going great for Tristan Thompson and the Cavaliers. Despite being in a relationship with a Kardashian, the team was still excelling as they made their way through the playoffs with the greatest of ease.

Then came Game 3 Sunday night with Khloe and her sister in the building, and team absolutely imploded and squandered away a 21-point lead to put the Boston Celtics right back into the series.

That and many other examples are reasons why the Cavaliers would love for Tristan Thompson to move on with his life without a Kardashian in the picture.  But according to reports, Khloe is trying to be there forever and is willing to foot the bill for everything is Thompson wants to get hitched now.

“Khloe Kardashian is in a real hurry to get married to her NBA star boyfriend Tristan Thompson even though he has made pleas for her to take their relationship slower. However, it looks like Kardashian (32) is going to use money to lure Thompson down the aisle.

According to RadarOnline, Kardashian is more than willing to foot the bill for their marriage.

“She’s set aside half a million bucks, which she figures will pay for the ceremony as well as dresses, catering, entertainment and a five-star honeymoon,” a source said.

Kardashian has also been spending lavishly on Thompson showering him with expensive gifts, including jewellery and luxury trips, to ensure their shaky relationship is on track. “This is Khloe’s way of showing Tristan she’s committed and is happy to wear the pants in the relationship,” the source added.

Adds the insider, “Tristan’s barely coping with becoming a new dad and Khloe’s driving him crazy with her needs, including offering to buy the ring. She wants a ring on her finger and a baby on the way and she won’t let up.”

The Cavs are reportedly advising him not to do such a thing.

“It doesn’t help matters that Tristan’s teammates have allegedly been warning him against considering marriage, mainly because of what has happened to Lamar since their relationship crashed and burned.”