The Rock Recreated His Famous (Infamous?) ‘Black Turtleneck and Fanny Pack’ Photo for ‘SNL’

It’s not hard to see how Dwayne Johnson made the leap from wrestling to action megastar. Ironically, it was his sense of humor that bridged the gap more than anything else.

He reminded the world just how funny he is when, hosting SNL for the fifth time, he recreated his famous college-era pic by slipping on the awesomely dated outfit just one more time.

You can see the updated pic above, and the two awesome representations side-by-side right here:

We’re all secretly a little disappointed by the lack of hair in the new pic, but other than that, this recreation is pitch-perfect.

I’m curious to know if this was Johnson’s idea, or a writer’s. Neither one would surprise me. Either way, the end result is fan-tastic.

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