Watch a Guy Win $10,000 in a Golden Tee Tourney with One Very Risky Shot (Video)


If you’ve ever played the golf video game Golden Tee at a bar, you know how competitive things can get among amateur players. So it’s not hard to imagine how tense the competition can get among pro players who have $10,000 riding on a tourney.

With a two-stroke lead into the 18th at the Golden Tee World Championships in Vegas, Mark Stenmark didn’t play it safe, opting to go for the green on a tricky 245-yard par 4.

Watch it go down at about the 4:06:00 mark in the video.

Stenmark scored two records in the process, nabbing the title for most eagles in a tourney (11) and best score on the course (-29). He’s the dude holding two trophies in this pic, in case that wasn’t intuitive

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