High School Baseball Player Performs Epic Bat Flip After Crushing Dinger (Video)

high school baseball player epic bat flip

Nothing divides baseball fans more than the issue of bat flips. On one side you have the purists who think they defile America’s Pastime. On the other side you have people who think the purists should chill out because bat flips are awesome.

Naturally, there are some folks in the middle—people who think bat flips are cool sometimes, but not always. But as in politics, the moderates are usually drowned out by the extremists.

Today we have a new bat flip for everyone to argue about. It comes to us from Gloucester, New Jersey, just outside Philadelphia. An Albany recruit named Chris Turco crushed a monster dinger during a recent game for Gloucester Catholic High School and, as soon as he was sure it was fair, he flipped his bat to the heavens.

For a while you’re not sure if gravity will ever take effect and bring the bat back down to earth. But eventually it does. And it’s clear at that point that the home plate umpire is not amused.

Take a look:

Bad sportsmanship, or total baller move? You be the judge, internet.

Hat Tip – [theScore]

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