JR Smith’s Daughter Released From NICU After Being Born 5 Months Premature (VIDEO)


Back in March, J.R. Smith’s daughter, Dakota, who was born almost 5 months early and weighed only 1 pound at the time, had her breathing tubes removed and was breathing on her own. Next up was little Dakota taking her first bottle, which she did the very next month.

“I’ll be happy when I can bring her home, but until then, it’s something I want to keep in the front of my mind all the time,” he said in March. 

“I talk to my wife about it. Just keep having conversations about it. It’s pretty much the only thing that relieves some of the pressure.”

The good times haven’t stopped there as Smith got his wish.

While in a battle in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Celtics, J.R. Smith and his family received even better news that Dakota could finally leave the hospital and come home.


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