Steph Curry Can’t Stop Laughing When Zaza Fails to Put a Hat on His Huge Head (VIDEO)

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 10.09.06 AM

Zaza Pachulia made headlines for all the wrong reasons early in the Western Conference Finals, but hopefully this video will bring a little levity to his presence in the next round. Basking in their elimination of the Spurs, the Warriors donned the requisite Conference Champ hats in the press room after the game, and Zaza…had some trouble.

This might have gone unnoticed, but Scott Van Pelt happened to be conducting a live interview with Steph Curry. Van Pelt made Curry aware of the folly, and then the whole world got to watch Zaza’s hilarious struggle:

Hopefully, if the Warriors get Finals hats made ahead of time, they’ll come with some sort of extension mechanism so Zaza can wear a hat AND keep his dignity as he celebrates.

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