The Warriors Are 27-1 Since Klay Thompson Signed A Toaster


On March 13, a fan came up to Klay Thompson and wanted him to sign something, just like every other fan in attendance.  But instead of a shirt or cup, he handed Klay a toaster. Thompson stared at the toaster for quite a while, clearly in disbelief that somebody wanted it to be signed.

Following that toaster signing, the Warriors immediately ran off a 14-game winning streak, with their only loss coming against the Jazz on April 10—a game in which Thompson didn’t play.

In fact, the team is 27-1 since Thompson made a connection with that toaster.

The Warriors are now 12-0 in the playoffs and headed to their third straight NBA Finals, becoming just the 3rd team in the modern era to go undefeated in the first three rounds of the postseason, and the first team to do so when each series was a best-of-seven.


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