Cardinals LB Chandler Jones Has An Interesting & Disgusting Favorite Movie (PIC)

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals

Before Chandler Jones became a household name in the league, and even before his days at Syracuse as a standout linebacker, he was just a regular kid trying to make it through high school like everybody else.

Like most players his age, you want to leave a lasting memory as you make your exit from high school to college. As a senior at Union-Endicott High School, all the athletes filled out a list of their favorite things to do, watch, and what their career plans were as they made their way into adulthood.

Someone dug up Jones’ list and he had a rather interesting favorite movie at the time. It’s actually very disgusting if you’ve ever seen it.

2 girls, 1 cup.

Not going to explain what it is. Just google it, but you’ve been warned.


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