J.R. Smith Shares 1st Photo of Baby Daughter At Home After Being Born 5 Months Premature


It’s nothing but good times and good vibes in the Smith household after J.R. Smith’s daughter Dakota, who was born almost 5 months early and weighed only 1 pound at the time, had her breathing tubes removed so she could breathe on her own.  

Not long after that, Dakota took her first bottle.  Then, on Tuesday, the family was finally allowed to take their bundle of joy home for the first time.

Immediately following the Game 4 victory against the Boston Celtics, J.R. didn’t bother to stick around and answer questions from reporters as he had some important business to take care of.  

Kyrie Irving told reporters, “Swish left. Sprinted home to see his daughter.”

On Wednesday, Swish shared the first photo of little Dakota at home on Instagram.


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