People Show Up in Support of Colin Kaepernick Outside NFL Headquarters (VIDEO)


Earlier this month, former San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick spent his day handing out suits to people outside New York Parole offices.  As a show of gratitude, the president of the non-profit organization, “100 suits for 100 men,” organized a show of solidarity for the free-agent quarterback.

“He stood up for us. It’s only right that he took our issues in our communities and brought it to a national level and sacrificed salary and being ostracized by the NFL,” Livingston told ESPN on Monday. “It was only right that we stand up for him. I started this, literally, when he came to my office — I was moved. I work with parolees. People usually want to ostracize this particular population. Me working with him on the front lines and him coming to my office, this is not the first time I’ve worked with him.

“So I thought it was only right that I stand up for him.”

On Wednesday, they delivered on that promise and showed up outside NFL headquarters in support of Kaepernick in an effort to hopefully get him a job with a team.

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