REPORT: The Seahawks Are Expected to Give Colin Kaepernick a Workout Soon

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As many expected, reports are coming out from the NFL Network’s Ian Rappaport that the Seattle Seahawks are gearing up to give a workout to former division rival Colin Kaepernick in the team’s search for a backup QB.

Seattle appears to be the one team not scared by the reputation Kaepernick developed last season as he kneeled during the National Anthem. In fact, the Seahawks players linked arms in solidarity and in support of Kaepernick’s protest. Seahawks DE Michael Bennet recently said in support of a move to get Colin Kaepernick, “A person that’s dedicating their life to creating change – why wouldn’t you want that type of leadership in your locker room?”

Further, coach Pete Carroll recently confirmed interest in the QB for his athletic prowess. It’s a bit early to call Colin Kaepernick a Seahawk, but it’s looking like they’re the most likely destination for him.

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