Roger Goodell Actually Makes McCringleberry Pump Joke in Tweet About NFL’s Loosened Celebration Policy (Tweet)

key and peele mccringleberry pump joke

This week the NFL announced that they are relaxing their rules concerning touchdown celebrations. They’ll now allow group celebrations and celebrations that use the ball as a prop, as well as other fun things like snow angels.

Obviously, this is a good thing. While most sports fans probably agree that excessively choreographed celebrations are stupid, simply showing emotions isn’t a bad thing. Scoring a touchdown is badass. Players should be allowed to respond accordingly.

Last year the NFL cracked down on touchdown dances. All of a sudden the legendary Key & Peele “McGringleberry’s Excessive Celebration” skit felt more like a vision of some dystopian future than comedy.

On Tuesday, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell actually referenced that skit and it’s famous “two-pump rule” in a joke on Twitter.

Check it out:

It wasn’t a particularly funny joke, but for a robot it was pretty good. Those AI programmers are making real progress!

For those of you who haven’t seen the McCringleberry skit, or just haven’t seen it in a while, we’ll go ahead and leave you with this…

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