Broken Bat Flies into Crowd During Yankees-Royals Game, Injuring a Young Fan

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 8.17.57 AM
Things got very quiet during last night’s Yankees-Royals game when a bat swung by Chris Carter broke into several pieces and flew towards the crowd, hitting a child sitting about a half-dozen rows back.

Play was suspended for several minutes as the fan was escorted away for medical attention.

Following the game, which the Yankees won 3-0, Carter spoke to the press about how bad he felt for the fan in question, wishing him the best (via AP):

“You never want to have something like that happen to a kid or anyone in general. I guess the good side of it is the square part of the bat didn’t pierce him or anything like that. So I hope he’s OK.”

“Once I figure out what happened to the kid, where they’re at, hopefully I can get a hold of him. Hopefully it’s not too bad.”


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