Phillie Phanatic Terrorizes Adorable Baby (Video)

phillie phanatic terrifies baby

Being a sports mascot is definitely not an easy job. But it’s not exactly a complicated one, either. You really only have to follow three basic rules:

1. Don’t interfere with the game.

2. Don’t start fights with fans.

3. Don’t scare babies.

Unfortunately, the world famous Phillie Phanatic broke one of these rules during the Phillies’ 7-2 loss to the Colorado Rockies on Wednesday. Specifically, rule number three about not scaring babies.

In the bottom of the 7th, while doing his thing on top of the home dugout, the Phanatic spotted an adorable infant sitting in the front row. So he picked her up, presumably with permission from her mother.

Unfortunately, the baby was about as happy to find herself in the arms of a fluffy green monster as you’d expect. Which is to say, she was absolutely terrified.

After trying in vain for about 30 seconds to get the baby to calm down, the Phanatic finally gave her back to mom.

Take a look:

We’re not sure exactly how the Phanatic envisioned his work day going. But it probably wasn’t like this.

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Nope, not a good look.

Mom, if you’re reading this post, go ahead and bookmark it. You can show it to your daughter’s therapists 20 years from now when they ask why she has trust issues. Might save you a couple hundred bucks.

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