Report: NFL’s Relaxed Celebration Policy Still Won’t Allow Goal Post Dunks (Video)

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Image via Getty

The NFL may be loosening up a bit this year. But its not loosening up that much.

Earlier this week the league announced that it would be relaxing restrictions on touchdown celebrations to allow for more spontaneous displays of emotion. Players will now be permitted to go to the ground, engage in group celebrations, and use the ball as a prop.

However, some celebrations will remain illegal, such as celebrations that use the goal post as a prop, and celebrations that delay or have the potential to delay the game. And according to ESPN’s Kevin Seifert, both of those restrictions mean goal post dunks are still illegal. Any player who dunks or attempts to dunk the football over the crossbar will be subject to a 15-yard penalty and a possible fine.

Of course, while goal post dunks are fun, it’s understandable why the NFL wants them to remain illegal. In 2013 tight end Jimmy Graham, then with the New Orleans Saints, broke the goal post while dunking after the touchdown against the Atlanta Falcons.



NFL games already last about 7.5 hours. I’m all for eliminating things that would make them last even longer.

Maybe we could have post-touchdown goal post layups?

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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