Cris Carter Says Gay Slurs From Josh Norman Pissed Off Odell Beckham During Infamous Giants-Panthers Game (VIDEO)

Odell Bekcham Punch Josh Norman

Former NFL wide receiver Cris Carter says Odell Beckham Jr. admitted that homophobic slurs that were yelled at him just before the now-infamous 2015 game involving the Giants & Panthers is what set him off. He insinuated those slurs came from CB Josh Norman.

“Carter appeared on “Undisputed” on FS1 and talked about the conversation he had with Odell on Thursday during a workout at an L.A. gym. 

Carter says they spoke about OBJ’s rivalry with Josh Norman — and Cris said it was very clear “homophobic” slurs (along with other disrespectful comments) set him off that day.

Nick Wright — who’s co-hosting ‘First Things First’ with Carter — also spoke with Beckham and said Odell mocked the media for constantly speculating about his sexuality. “

That infamous game back in 2015:

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