Bill Laimbeer Says He Would Take LeBron over MJ: ‘Jordan Couldn’t Get Rebs, Assists Like LeBron Can’

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The legend that is Michael Jordan retired from the NBA for the last time in 2003, but many of us would like to forget that stint with the Washington Wizards and just remember his last game being in the NBA Finals against the Utah Jazz.

The debate on whether Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James has surpassed or can surpass Michael Jordan has been a button topic ever since the Cavs came back from a 3-1 deficit to win the NBA Championship in 2016.

You can count retired Detroit Pistons enforcer Bill Laimbeer among those who thinks James is better than Jordan right now.

“I’ll take LeBron James, absolutely,” Laimbeer said to Etan Thomas on The Rematch podcast (h/t Marlowe Alter of the Detroit Free Press, via USA Today).

Laimbeer pointed to James’ overall skill set in the comparison: “LeBron can do anything. Michael couldn’t get all the rebounds. He couldn’t be the assist man like LeBron James can. He was very focused on scoring, a deadly assassin, but the rest of the part of his game, LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan.”

For the youngsters who may not be aware, Laimbeer’s “Bad Boy” Pistons battled Jordan’s Bulls for years in the postseason and they had no problem putting Jordan on his back any chance they got. Detroit knocked out Chicago in the Eastern Conference Finals in 1989 and 1990, but the Bulls swept the Pistons in the 1991 rematch.

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