LaVar Ball’s AAU Team’s 52-Point Loss Includes LaMelo: Ball Hogging, Turnovers, & Airballs (VIDEO)

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Earlier this year, LaVar Ball’s youngest son, LaMelo, who plays at Chino Hills, made waves on social media after he scored 92 points during a game. Highlights from that game were released and it showed LaMelo playing zero defense, barely even passing mid-court at times, and cherry picking the majority of his points.

Saturday night, LaVar Ball’s “Big Ballers” AAU squad, which features his youngest son, LaMelo, fell to the Compton Magic by a score of 109-57, a 52-point blowout.

It didn’t take long for footage to drop and it showed LaMelo Ball struggling badly as he did a bunch of ball hogging, minimal passing, shooting air balls or just flat out bricking terrible shots.


Deion Sanders Jr. came to the defense of the 15-year-old on Twitter.


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