Buster Posey Stayed Away From Brawl Because It Was ‘A Little Dangerous’ (VIDEO)


During every brawl in MLB history since the beginning time, when a batter charges the mound, the catcher is right there in pursuit to try and protect his pitcher.

Buster Posey was having none of it.

When Bryce Harper charged the mound after Hunter Strickland hit him with a fastball, benches cleared and everybody met in the middle for a good old fashioned brawl….except Buster Posey, who didn’t move an inch.

Following the game, Buster told reporters he stayed away from the mayhem because it was dangerous and he saw teammates bigger than him getting knocked around.

“You see Mike Morse, is about as big as they come, and he was getting knocked around like a pinball,” Posey said. “So … be a little dangerous to get in there sometimes.”

Doesn’t matter the excuse, this won’t look good on his part now or in the future.


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