Dodgers Ballgirl Makes Amazing Snag on Dangerous Foul Ball (Video)

dodgers ballgirl amazing catch

The Cubs and Dodgers squared off on a beautiful day at Dodger Stadium on Sunday. With Jon Lester and Clayton Kershaw taking the mound, nobody thought the highlight of the game would come from one of the Dodgers’ ballgirls. And yet, here we are.

In the top of the fifth inning, with the Dodgers up 6-4 and both Lester and Kershaw out of the game, Cubs infielder Jaier Baez hit a ball foul down the third base line. Unfortunately, the ballgirl couldn’t field it and just made herself look like a total amateur. Nobody booed, because this is LA, not Philly. But you know it had to be bothering her.

Luckily, later in the same at-bat, the same ball girl got a chance to redeem herself. And this time she totally nailed it, performing a sweet leaping grab on a hard-hit foul ball that might have given somebody a concussion.

Take a look:

Heck of a play. That ovation was well-earned.

The Dodgers wound up sweeping the World Champion Cubs by a combined score of 18-4. So when I say that the ballgirl’s snag was the most exciting play of the weekend, I’m really not kidding.

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