Man Rides Drone to Deliver Game Ball for Portuguese Cup Final (Video)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

There’s no typo in that headline. It’s not supposed to say “man flies drone.” It’s supposed to say man rides drone. Because that’s exactly what the man did. He rode on a drone, like the goddamn Green Goblin.

It all went down on Sunday prior to the Portuguese Cup Final between Benfica and Vitória de Guimarães. A guy decked out in a supervillain outfit hopped on a drone, which apparently you can do now, and delivered the game ball to the referee at Jamor Stadium in Oeiras, just outside Lisbon.

Amazingly, the fans inside the stadium seemed totally unimpressed by the spectacle. They just kept on doing their banal soccer chants, as though the sight of a man flying through the air on top of a drone was nothing special at all.

Take a look:

Earlier this year the NFL used a drone to drop football from 125 feet at their Pro Bowl skills competition, and that was pretty awesome. But a guy riding a drone? This is the next level.

Forget the Drone Racing League. I want to watch dudes on drones racing each other, and maybe engaging in some light hand-to-hand combat. Can somebody please make that happen?

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